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Beauty created by the master...

The mountain ash:
Paper, water-colour, pastel. The size 98х76 см. 2003 year.
For a long time people tried to embody in the pictures, likes images, themselves then to hang up these pictures at themselves in houses and to take pleasure. Then pictures remained for memory to the following generations, becoming in the course of time all is more expensive and expensive. As a good wine. Draft of people to pictures and art sometimes was less, sometimes amplified, but never stopped.
Natalia Manakova's Pictures this fine quality and the perfected style. Her creativity always differs a variety of plots. She tries does not stop in development and searches for new plots for the pictures. Except for that Natalia works in three styles of drawing. A pastel, a water color and oil. Sometimes in water colour pictures she successfully combines a water color and a pastel.
You may choose for yourselves a picture which to you it is pleasant and to buy her. The picture chosen you may become a worthy ornament of your study or a bedroom or what or other room.White horse:
Canvas, oil. The size 80х55 см. 2002 year.For example pictures written by a pastel such as " the Unrestrained horseman ", " the Sight in eternity " may decorate practically any study, and pictures " Absence of desires " will decorate for example a drawing room.
Natasha Manakova's all pictures which are submitted on this site you may to get. As the author she already was generated and adheres to the style, namely the easy painting not overloaded with superfluous details even if the question is such pictures as "Meaning of the life", "Conjurer". These pictures which differ gloomy subjects. Their creation was connected to the difficult period in life of the author.
Natasha Manakova has created a series of pictures where the main theme was beauty of a female body. Pictures are created in various styles a water color, oil, a pastel. For the pictures she took models among her friends, and among students of Khakas State UniversityVision:
cardboard, pastel. Size 60х141. 2004 year.
Natasha the participant of many exhibitions including, international. Except for that she is engaged in a list of automobiles, motorcycles, helmets, and as other subjects with the help the airbrush. airbrushing. It was her hobby, but in due course it has developed into serious occupation with observance of all necessary requirements and conditions. For the first time to paint with a thing airbrush she began in 1995. She begun with motorcycle helmets for the friends.

To a question how many it costs.

Work of a master is difficult to measure in money. Adam and Eva:
cardboard, pastel. Size 101х93 см. 2004 year.
Work of the painter is a very individual process, therefore is exact to define cost of a picture is extremely difficultly. All depends on skill of the artist and from in how many he estimate his work. But how to measure in money (and whether it costs?) a degree of aesthetic pleasure and satisfaction because, that you will have a fine and unique picture in the world! However there are some criteria on which it is possible to make representation about cost of a picture. It is necessary to notice that the price of any of the pictures submitted on a site does not exceed 1000 .
Except for that it is necessary notice that Natsha Manakova may to write pictures of any complexity, in any genre and any degree of complexity. You can order a picture from her paint. About the price too it is possible will agree. So all is possible. You may order in her a picture of the your dream! How ever is possible to tell with full confidence, the price of her pictures 2-4 times is less than picture galleries and showrooms of Moscow where pictures of a similar level. Qualities and the size cost(stand) on some orders above. Unrestrained rider:
cardboard, pastel. Size 74х105 см. 2004 year.It is connected to that that Natasha lives at a distance from the European part of Russia, in republic Khakasia, that in the south of Krasnoyarsk region. Certainly she is participates in exhibitions, but however for pictures she holds the prices at lower level than their real cost. If you want to buy a picture you should look at the detailed price-list In which there are Natasha Manakova's coordinates and ways of payment and delivery of pictures. You may look at it HERE, and also at the top of any page, on this site.
Also as a painter, Natasha wants, to organize her personal exhibitions in territory of Russia and abroad. If you have become interested in her creativity and want to offer cooperation and or the organization of exhibitions in territory of Russia and abroad. She with interest will consider your offer and necessarily will write to you, the answer.

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